Luka Doncic Real Madrid November Highlights Montage 2017-2018 | Part 1 | 15.6 PPG, 4.1 APG – Madrid Video

published: 2017-12-05 21:28:28

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  1. He skilled but i dont see superstar player but hey

  2. Idk wats the big deal about this guy? If the bulls draft this nigga I’m done with them 😡

  3. He plays like Korver/Reddick in the half court

  4. This kid gonna be special in the NBA… I would love if he goes to the Knicks!! Him ans Porzingis already know each other and their games fit with each other perfectly

  5. He's good but the whole "he's playing against better competition than NCAA" argument is so overused by euro fans, still remember everyone trying to convince me that Mario Hezonja was going to be superstar and how he should be a top 3 pick. Anyone who thinks Doncic is going to be picked before Marvin Bagley is clueless.

  6. "low ceiling" ~ Americans

  7. If he drops past #1 it's a steal.

  8. Remember Doncic had more experience playing as a Starter on a Great European Club and his Country than Bender & Hezonja so don't tell me that he'll just follow their footsteps. also, this kid was part of the Mythical Five of the Euros along with Dragic and played an important role for Slovenia winning the title. Bender and Hezonja even Porzingis did not do anything like that. I tell you this kid will be really special when he gets drafted.

  9. Really hope he goes to the Hawks. He would thrive in coach Bud’s system.

  10. Foreign Tracy Mcgrady đŸ€”

  11. He has so many great skills.. but his lack of athleticism is scary to me as a Bulls fan. considering we always pick the players with the least amount of athleticism possible.

  12. I feel that he will end up with the mavs.The New Era of Dsj-Doncic in texas.

  13. NBA is all about pick and roll and shooting nowdays. Luka is elite in both of these thing. That alone wraps the story about being a bust. He's also a proven winner, not in like EYBL or some shit but in a grown man competitions.

  14. Where is Ronaldo at? European Basketball doe

  15. another galinari. Slow, and unathletic. Wont be able to get past people in the NBA, will end up relying on his 3pt shot and passing all the time.

  16. Not even trolling, you have to be on crack if you think this kid is a top 5 pick, no speed, no explosiveness, long release..

  17. His game will translate high floor lower ceiling then others in the draft but thats not saying his ceiling isnt high

  18. This kid doesn't have a NBA game, he'll really struggle for quickness at guard and I can't see how he'll be able to compete against the freaks at small forward. The European game really doesn't translate in the NBA unless you're a peculiar physical specimen at the forward position. At best he'll be a slightly better version of Gallinari… Remember the hype around Mario Herzonja and in my opinion he was far better suited for the league


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