Mariel Madrid | Not with Haste – Madrid Video

This is about something very deep down and very complicated. Something painful, yet wonderful. Bottom line though, nobody has anything to do with relationships besides God and the people in them. Foster to those; you can’t fail and you can’t lose yourself. An extra special thank you to my beautiful friend Tracy Seiler, for being there to help me navigate through the wily tides of my feelings, and make this piece something realized. Choreographed & Danced by Mariel Madrid Directing & Cinematography by Jeremy Fabunan Music “Not with Haste” by Mumford & Sons *COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOT INTENDED* “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.”
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16 Responses to “Mariel Madrid | Not with Haste – Madrid Video”

  1. lidia Lidia Venancio says:

    estou sem oq dizer ,é simplismente maravilhoso…

  2. David Lee says:

    You always inspire me. Thank you

  3. johnlyne ebalobo says:

    hi hello gusto kong makipagkaibigan saiyo



  5. Shula Eifun says:

    This is so beautiful and freeing.

  6. Imanni Fletcher says:


  7. Mosa Moseneke says:

    It becomes a totally different thing when you move away from just performance and tap into worship, this is what I felt when I saw this video
    Love it!

  8. Kathryn Rima says:

    amaaaazing 🙂

  9. Richard Wang says:

    Yessir - completely agreed! Amazing art.

  10. hiphoppacmotion says:

    So thank you Mari for this piece! You are doing exactly what God wants you to do because you really bless so many people’s lives like me. And you have no idea who many of them are :)

  11. hiphoppacmotion says:

    Whenever I watch dance videos, I usually comment and compliment the dancers and how good they dance and how amazing their choreography is; it’s about them.
    Yet when I see Mari’s videos, it’s a different story. Mari blesses me with her dancing; it’s like she’s giving me a gift just by watching her dance, an opportunity to open my eyes and take to heart what she says when she dances. So yes, I can say this choreography is perfect, but more importantly, I am blessed because I watched this piece.

  12. andoneballa says:

    Wow. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! 😀

  13. twitchywonka says:

    Beautiful job. Thank you for this work of art.

  14. Anika Dominguez-Schott says:

    You are such a beautiful dancer..Inspired(:

  15. Dancejoa LA says:

    I thing.. This feel like Samaritan Woman..Jonh 4:5~30
    Thanks Mari 🙂 beautiful dancing And
    beautiful JESUS

  16. Ben Baker says:

    Beautifl Mari and thank you for sharing yourself once again. This made me think of a local artist here in New Zealand. Brooke Fraser and her song Scarlet. I wrote a short film script after hearing it. Check it out. She’s also a christian and is super dope.
    Have a watch. BB


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