MEGA New Madrid Earthquake Perhaps Imminent – Officials Evacuating Area New Orleans Residents – Madrid Video

‘Like’ if you like. Feel free to subscribe to my channel. Uploader: revmichellehopkins Uploaded: Oct 9, 2012 04:52 PM Title 17 USC code 107 – FAIR USE FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for entertainment purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 106A-117 of the US Copyright Law. Published on Aug 18, 2012 by gmoore49 What began a couple of months ago as a series of small bubbles trickling into Bayou Corne, in Assumption Parish, Louisiana, has now turned into a massive water filled sinkhole that is pulling trees, boats, and anything else into its deep dark abyss. Experts say that all of this is being caused by a salt mining operation which was compromised in 2011. They are saying that this salt dome has failed, and is in the process of collapsing. But that is not the worst of it. . . . LATEST NEWS: gOOgle “louisiana sinkhole news” Now tremors are being felt 35 miles from the Assumption Parish sinkhole, and many more gas bubbling sites have popped up, including one from that Lake Peigneur 80 miles away, where a giant lake was created over a salt dome!! This crisis is quickly getting out of control!!!!!!!! Wake UP!!! Get out of Louisiana and go to higher ground, far from the Gulf Coast. Mega Disasters: Earthquake In The Heartland The History Channel, 2009 Houses Shaking and ‘Mysterious’ Bubbles in Louisiana Swamp – July 3
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25 Responses to “MEGA New Madrid Earthquake Perhaps Imminent – Officials Evacuating Area New Orleans Residents – Madrid Video”

  1. gmoore49 says:

    I am the guy who made this video, and my research shows that WHEN the earthquake hits AND the Louann saltlayer collapses, the tidal wave could reach as high as the Balcones Escarpment (at 875 feet). Dallas is about 500 feet high. Solution: Go west preacher, to Weatherford or Stephenville. This is coming soon.

  2. Jarredlol says:

    Enjoy it, higher ups. You’re sowing death and destruction, and death and destruction is what you shall reap, whether it be in this life, or the next. I wouldn’t choose to be in your position even if it meant I was the richest man on the planet. I pity your cretinous souls.

  3. Debra Oneil says:

    Yes we have …ever since the fall of Adam. Gee, I thought we were evolving?

  4. R Jones says:

    Check out what Jonathon Kleck has to say about the Hoover Dam.

  5. 360shante says:

    We are killing ourselves because of greed for money. Leave the earth alone people.

  6. jasonmorrisonCAM says:

    With all the resources we been taking out of the ground for the last hundred years or so it seems like we have almost created this problem ourselves.

  7. M3RUL3Z says:

    We have not been devolving. People have just been being stupid, as they always HAVE been. If you didn’t notice, there are less heretical zealots roaming around killing people for not loving Jesus then during the Black Plague and Crusades… We have been improving, what evidence says otherwise?

  8. TheRetiredVeteran says:

    The Hoover Dam, which spans the Colorado River, was primarily built to control the river’s periodic flooding and provide a reliable water source to California, Nevada and Arizona. The dam itself also provides hydroelectricity that offers power to millions of people. What is this other purpose for the Hoover Dam that you speak of?

  9. RockStarPreacher says:

    You think Dallas is far enough inland?


  10. RockStarPreacher says:

    If Yellowstone goes off, we can kiss 2/3 of the WORLD goodbye…not just the USA.
    The ash cloud would kill the rest of the planet….eventually by crop failure, freezing, etc.

    But though 10,000 may fall at my side, it WILL NOT COME NEAR ME. ~Psalm 91.

  11. year2044 says:

    Lets have politicians talk about the environment & alternative energies INSTEAD of ‘gay ppl, church ppl, guns, & other BS’. INSTEAD they need to talk about the environment and corruption in govt & wall street! Humans and our future MUST come before ‘money’ and the rights of the Ultra Mega CORRUPT wealthy.

  12. gmoore49 says:

    If the New Madrid goes off and creates that great inland sea, the instability it will cause will probably set off the California faults, the East Coast faults AND that Yellowstone super volcano you speak of. These, however, will NOT be natural events–this is all part of the plan from the ruling elite, using HAARP and a host of other means to put the “fear of …” in us so we will submit to their tyrannical rule. When this happens and IF you survive, will you serve Yahweh or the Almighty State?

  13. Breezy Cole says:

    ironic “assumption” Parrish hmm

  14. a2zhandi says:

    going around & fracturing the ground is never a good idea. When was the last time doing the right thing over ruled profit?

  15. a2zhandi says:

    this thing called “society” has gotten way out of hand. When the health of earth subsides to profit, some thing’s going to give.

  16. a2zhandi says:

    you have to be aware who controls data….

  17. a2zhandi says:

    you rang?

  18. MrGangaheaD88 says:

    who says the majority have a choice about what super-structure we have?

  19. BigTim951 says:

    Sorry but I have to disagree.. I just felt an earthquake about an hour ago.. I checked the live quakes site and it was only a 3.1…..

  20. WulfBand says:

    New Madrid is nothing.
    We have a bigger problem & it’s called the Super Volcano at Yellowstone National Park.
    If that goes off & it’s 40 years over due then we can kiss 2/3 of the USA Good Bye.
    The media really uses the Fear Monger Factor allot with any natural event.
    According to the US Geological Society earthquakes happen everywhere all the time.
    They just aren’t big enough to feel.
    I was in the Northridge Earthquake & they have to be at least a 4.0 to even feel them.

  21. revmichellehopkins says:

    Simply put…stupid is a choice. (o:

  22. geebus80 says:

    we need to wake up and realize that a species can devolve as well as evolve and in our case we have been devolving for thousands of years.

    We are not mentally evolved enough to even get along on a global village scale let alone start playing with nuclear power and stuffing things in underground caverns that can kill us.

    Any species that thinks irradiating our planet and its population to boil water for steam has no right to call themselves evolved.

  23. cosmicpreachers2 says:

    I own and run the site newmadridearthquake d o t c o m see my vid.

  24. sLdGlD says:

    I think these devil’s are causing mass chaos in our world right now because I believe they feel they have created this mess we live in with all our chemicals and junk destroying everything and I think the illuminati, churches, officials are all going along with a plan to kill off 90% people on earth in order to start over. It’s the easiest way for the powerful to do this and remain in power after its all over. Yes it’s unfair, but it seems true, no?

  25. manVSgold NorthToAlaska says:

    crazy stuff.Ill have to watch and see what comes of all this 🙂


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