GOALS: Real Madrid 2-1 Santos Laguna – Madrid Video

Goals from Xabi Alonso and Khedira give a well earned victory to Mourinho’s team against a well prepared Santos Laguna in a sweltering heat in Las Vegas. Subscribe to Real Madrid on YouTube: bit.ly Like Real Madrid on Facebook: facebook.com Follow Real Madrid on Twitter: twitter.com Circle Real Madrid on Google+: realmadrid.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “GOALS: Real Madrid 2-1 Santos Laguna – Madrid Video”

  1. Darkpunisher5757 says:

    will this ever happen again i just dont know?

  2. emojimmy666 says:

    Lucky goal

  3. Meco Rebelo says:

    I agree.

  4. Mrspacenugget says:

    Quintero is such a beast

  5. sami11ist says:

    agreed cristiano deserved the man of the match award against the santos but kaka deserved the man of the match award against ac milan big time

  6. Meco Rebelo says:

    In that case I give you 3 cents and you give me $2.
    I like both players though and they are both great at their own positions

  7. EnigmaDrath says:

    He wears Nike. No one quite knows why he wore Adidas for those couple of matches in the US. I suspect maybe, since Adidas is the official brand of Real Madrid, it was required by American broadcasters that the team present a more unified appearance, including that everyone wore Adidas. During training sessions in the US he wore his much preferred Nike boots, so I doubt wearing Adidas during the matches was a personal choice.

  8. sami11ist says:

    He was man of the match against milan but not this match sorry about that I axadently though it was the ac milan vs real madrid video .-.

  9. sami11ist says:

    wait that was against milan not santos so yeah cr7 was man of the match 😀

  10. sami11ist says:

    kaka did 3 assist cristiano did 2 goals .-. 3 is better then 2

  11. heon123ify says:


  12. Aravind Nair says:

    cr7 was<3

  13. sami11ist says:

    Yeah but the problem is mourinho is obviousely going to bench kaka for to much games then he’ll lose his form just because he wants ozil to start some reason even though if I was mourinho I would start kaka & ozil.

  14. ninoalvardo9 says:

    you know what kaka is proving me wrong this preseason,this is his best preseason yet.after the game against ac milan,he impressed me a lot.he was the difference that game and he got 3 assists that game.i hope he can keep this form for the rest of the season and i hope he can play good against barca in the supercopa.i hope mourinho doesnt sell him yet

  15. Louis Regalado says:

    kaka is a beast. anybody who thinks different doesnt know soccer. He just needs game time to stay in game form. You cant lose your touch you can only lose rthym

  16. l1lch4pin19 says:


  17. Jan Paweł says:

    0:19 Ja na orliku.

  18. VITALRCERZ says:

    and do you guys know Cristiano Ronaldo 76 points AND MESSI HAS OLNY 69 POINTS

  19. VITALRCERZ says:

    Santos almost missed that goal agree if he almost did

  20. Pino Tomaselli says:

    GO WATCH, PLEASE ! SMALL BOY OF 5 YEARS OLD youtube.com/watch?v=EblEc71bxV­M

  21. RMCFSLQH says:

    tendrá que ver las churras con las meninas

  22. kazumi1109 says:

    trough the net?WOW 0:38

  23. VladAlvarenga23 says:

    Kaka cant control his age, any man wont do as good as he did when he was 25. Give kaka a break for all those anti-kaka haters

  24. sami11ist says:

    No thats not true it is just that mourinho benches him to much games & he loses form he does great against big teams when he gets playing time.

  25. ninoalvardo9 says:

    ya but dont expect too much from kaka.kaka plays good in pre season and weak teams but when it comes to big games,he is shit.he is inconsistent too and gets injured easily.madrid should just sell him


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