Police attack protesters in Madrid S25 – Madrid Video

Follow me on Twitter for live updates – twitter.com During the #S25 (Sept/25/2012) Madrid protest, thousands (possibly 50000+) gathered to protest outside the Parliament building demanding the resignation of the Spanish government. Police began baton rushing the crowd and beating people. Shortly after they began firing rubber bullets into the crowds. Timcast.com
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25 Responses to “Police attack protesters in Madrid S25 – Madrid Video”

  1. nyska69 says:

    Less critics and more action.

  2. anmllvr234 says:

    what are these negores doing. cut the violence out

  3. batocccc says:

    What a bunch of pussys. You’ll never see 20 lightly equipped police handle a crowd that big in Greece or Serbia or anywhere in eastern Europe.

  4. Clacka POW says:

    hahaha you mexicans really wish you were spanish huh damn boy they must’ve fucked y’all up real good haha

  5. Arzotino says:

    maybe i’m stupid but i don’t understand why this big crowd of protesters couldn’t stand up against a little group of police forces who were bitting them just like a fucking nazis. I know that it was a peaceful demonstration but…
    Anyway, HUGE respect from Warsaw, Poland- Spain: keep fighting !

  6. joessj5 says:

    its like a thousand of them and 20 policeman. wtf…

  7. FullTilt7 says:


  8. FullTilt7 says:

    aint least they dont have sowrds

  9. Malcolm B. says:

    I know thay can just tower right over them

  10. ProXbox360Hacker says:

    They should of started attacking the police.

  11. joselira15 says:

    I always hate how theirs 100+ protesters and 15 cops. If they all organized they can easy take over the police.

  12. floppernopper says:

    viva la revolution!

  13. EpicBros2012 says:

    Protesters win… 0-1

  14. 0Blaire0 says:

    massive face-palm. There are people like this watching the debate? ._. just… just… stahp..

  15. 197Decibels says:

    Fucking pigs everywhere

  16. hheennrryy12 says:

    Im with you man

  17. Aaron Garza says:

    How can you say something like that? 0:14 sec into the video , they are all moving out but the cop decides to beat on that poor girl who is leaving, then a few sec later they beat on an older women, I mean come on man where is their honor? They are suppose to serve and protect not beat and frighten people.

  18. MrFaluba says:

    OH yeah! be a push over, let them do whatever they want to your life….

  19. zzzz0zzzz says:

    1:09, back up back, tell me wat u gonna do now :D

  20. Jadhomie says:

    Did they just put a choke hold on that guy?

  21. memoHK007 says:

    any one else think that if all the people where really mad they could have just stomped and hurt the 15 police men

  22. mrpsarros1 says:

    Why do they let there ppl get beaten by police.stand up for your fellow man u out number these pigs!!!

  23. suudsuz says:


  24. jzindeed13 says:

    watching this makes me want to steak the batton and beat the living crap out of all those dumbass policemen….. or so they call themselves…

  25. jzindeed13 says:

    you’re a f**king douche..


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